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All North American made steel contains minimum 28% recycled material thus steel-making is inherently a recycling process. Steel alloys for forging are made in electric arc furnaces which melt more than 90% scrap to make new steel.

Each year, Electric Arc Furnace steel production saves enough energy to fuel 18 million households (when compared to traditional steel-making which uses iron ore instead of recycled scrap steel). For each ton of steel that is recycled, 2500 pounds of iron ore, 120 pounds of limestone, and 1400 pounds of coal ore are conserved.

-Statistics from the Steel Recycling Institute.

When you purchase steel from Patriot Forge Co., you can take comfort in knowing that your parts are both recycled and recyclable. That is good news for the environment.

Patriot further supports recycling by sorting all of its scrap materials including metals, paper, wood and plastic. Each material is disposed of in a manner to reduce its impact on our physical environment.

Patriot is also very proud of its Internal Document Management system which has allowed the company to reduce its dependency on paper files and work towards its goal of a paperless business system.